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Final Event – GUIDELINES Presentation – Download here

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The 26 of January 2016 the SAMETS GUIDELINES were officially presented in Brussels.The DG ECHO, was representend by Mr. Alfonso Lozano, It was also present Mrs.Charlotte Strümpel member of the Austrian Red Cross, representing the Project PrePage.








EDU – Train Material – Avalaible

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The participants of the ” EDU TRAIN preparation Workshop” – Montichiari



N° 5 Test training were organized by the five partners of the SAMETS project. The trainers of these tests were the same volunteers who participated in the international workshop. In total during these sessions they were trained over 70 volunteers from member countries. The result of this test showed that the Guidelines and the educational material prepared has been particularly appreciated by operators and volunteers.

Download the EDU TRAIN Material


SAMETS Children

SAMETS Elderly and Disabled

SAMETS Multiculturalism

Training Guide for Trainers

Pictures used in the EDU Train Session


anpas_Struttura_Protetta3 DSC00269 Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung des ASB Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bielefeld ASB-Notunterkunft in Berlin-Wilmersdorf IMAG0006 Emilia Lilla 06

Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung des ASB Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bielefeld little residents Meeting with residents Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung des ASB Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bielefeld Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung des ASB Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bielefeld IMG_0497 IMG_20151104_131002 DSC01253


Transnational Seminar event: Guidelines set up. Bolzano 1 – 3 July 2015

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White Cross – Bolzano ITALY, SAMETS guideline workshop was hosting the SAMETS Guidelines Set Up in July 2015. With this Workshop the consortium ha entered in the guidelines construction phase. With the Expert support the volunteer start to design the guidelines layout and the edu train material to support it. The difference experiences and expertise among volunteers helps to identify the table of Content and the specific aspect of the future SAMETS Guidelines.


SAMETS Guidelines Table Of Contents

Example of the different REGISTRATION system as basis of discussion

1 2 3  4



3rd Peer Review Workshop – Neusedil am See 15 – 17 April 2015

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The workshop was hosted by ASBO – Austria in Neusidl am See last April 2015.

A local expert commisoned by the consortium followed the participants in the discussion on the topic during the workshop days , with a special focus about psychosocial needs for immigrants in the ETS and the interculturall aspects , prejudice and stereotypes. The participants split in small working group with the goal to identify the needs and the organizational structure of an ETS for immigrants and people from third country. The results has been collected for the PREW final report and for the contribution for the Draft Guidelines.

The ANPAS Best Practice in the management of the ETS during the last earthquake in 2012 in Italy was presented and discussed, because ANPAS managed n°2 ETS for 8 months with immigrants and people from the third country host in the ETS.

They were presented three case studies linked to the focus;

– Fair un Sensible : a national organization where the members are policeman and immigrants with the goal to fight prejudices and to have a better and common understanding each others

– A focus about Religion and ETS:

– Humanitarian Aid expenceried in different third country and hot to collect the lesson learnt for the ETS.






2nd Peer Review Workshop – September 20-21, 2014 , Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

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213-210 Report on the second SAMETS workshop


Project Cycle UPDATE

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An UPDATE version of the Project Cycle is available in the footer menu

REPORTS from 1st Peer Review Workshop AVAILABLE

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The First Peer Review ( PREW ) Workshop of the project samets was held July 4 to 6 in Wiesbaden. The Focus was about : Children in the Emergency Temporary Shelter – How to manage it. 

Therefore the objective of the first Peer Review Workshop with Focus Children was to identify the basic contents and structural aspects for the intended guidelines.

Because SAMETS aims civil protection of different European countries, at first an exchange process of the different ideas and conceptions regarding the future guideline was necessary. That included the different levels of requirements for the guideline as well as aspects of civil protection systems that need to be considered while creating a guideline.

The REPORTS from 1st Peer Review Workshop are available on the documents page.


Participants from 1st "SAMETS" Peer Review Workshop - Wiesbaden 4/6 July 2014





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